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Sims 3 Legacy

Originally posted by lollipoplegacy at Sims 3 Legacy
Originally posted by lollipoplegacy at Sims 3 Legacy

Tomorrow I am going to be starting a Sims 3 legacy. I am going to be posting it on ccsims2stories where all of my sims legacies will be from now on. I couldn't play tonight because it was taking too long to load, plus its getting late.

So be looking out for posts on that journal. Add it if you want.

Updating this thing

Its been a good few years since I updated this community. I am shocked that it is still here.

In regards to Sims 2:

I have not played it in a while due to various reasons. I am trying to get through some health issues that are plaguing me. I still have Sims 2 ALL of them installed on my pc.

In regards to Sims 3:

I have been starting a collection and playing it when I can. Just haven't really figured out a few things.

So I will be posting more as the days go by in regards to Sims. I may use this to post for Sims 3 too.

Site Overhaul...

Its been 4 years since i have been on here... i am currently trying to edit the links since none of them work any more...sigh... and go from there. So be looking out for new posts.

Sims 3 and Sims 2

I was able to get sims 3 seasons and i am installing it to my hp. i have never played it before so i dont know how i am going to play it so far. going to see how it goes before i start making legacies!

Finals then Sims 2?

I am finishing up my spring semester of college. I have a huge paper to do for selling then i have to study for managerial accounting final on wednesday. I know i will pass this semester. But I do not know if i am going to start up on sims 2 again. I have alot of stuff this month to do, i have diabetes classes, therapy, and other than that i really dont have anything to do until august. I would have to re-learn everything in regards to sims 2 and livejournaling stories. but i have to look at my links and figure out which works and which doesn't. anyways, keep looking out for new updates!

LolliPop Updates and More

I have decided to make another community to interlock with this one, basically the community is where i would post all of the resources that i use, and others to do so, and also updates to the LolliPopLegacies Sims 2 Community so it would not clutter up the Community. 

I am thinking about opening another online forum also to get people interested even though i was unsuccessful the last time, but that may be on a personal site. I honestly dont know what i am going to do.

But here's the link to the updates page:




First off, Welcome new members! I hope you are enjoying your stay at my LJ community. I have just started this community so its giong to take a while to be fully made. If you want to help me out, let me know! I am ALWAYS open up to suggestions. 

Lets begin: 

Rules and Regulations for My LJ Community:

          1. Please be positive to all members in this community. If you are having problems with a certain member, PM me and explain the situation and i will take the actions neccessary.

          2.  You are allowed to post Sims 2 stories on this community, that's mainly why i made it. In regards to the content, Yes you may have SOME nudity on your stories, but lets keep it at least PG-13 with your content and language in your stories and on this community. 
                 2a. PLEASE Use LJ-Cuts. If you need help to use them, PM or go to the FAQ on Livejournal.com. 
                2b. Please put ONE picture before your LJ-cut, again if you need help, let me know. So we know that you have updated. 
                2c. If you have many updates, try to archive the links so if anyone wants to go back to earlier chapters they can. (I am SLOWLY learning this)
               2d. Try to stay on ONE story IF you can. If you start over constantly, let me know and TRY to archive your previous stories so that if anyone is interested, you wouldn't have to make it all over again. 
               2e. Please use Photobucket, or any other photo-hosting sites. I have put Photobucket's link in the Links bar for those who dont know where to go. It should be under "Photobucket".

         3. Links that I use are in the Links Tab, and since i have just started this community, some links may not be there at the moment. Please bare with me. I am trying to find basically all of the links that i use so if the site has updated that i have on the Links page, LET ME KNOW ASAP!! So i can change the links. 

        4. You are ALLOWED to use custom content on my community, BUT please credit the creditors and provide links...if possible...so that others can enjoy the fun of using those products too from others. 

       5. TRY to not send pay site links. Alot of people, including myself do not have much money and we might be able to afford using pay sites. I will try to links to FREE Sims 2 content sites. 

      6. If you have any questions, just PM me. I hope i made the rules clear. 

      7. RE: The Sims 2 Exchange: Alot of creators suggest that you do NOT post their content (Mainly Sims Body shop/Lots and Housing/Pets) on the Sims 2 Exchange on The Sims 2 official site. If they request that you do not that, please respect their wishes. I do not post anything on the exchange, i just like to read the stories from time to time. All i am saying is that you respect their wishes and NOT post if they tell you not to.

I hope you enjoy posting at my LJ community and happy Simming!

Charlene C.
Lollipopsims 2 Maintainer

P.S. If anyone know how to put a custom banner on the top of my community, PM me. Thanks!